La grande boucle

750 meters
3h30 Return trip

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At an altitude of 500m, Seix offers sportsmen and all nature lovers, a huge choice of activities and animations. Several types of accomodation are available as well as shops (selling local products) and services, which you would need during your stay.
Duration : 3h30 Return trip
Distance in KM : 30 km
Difference in height : 750 meters
Level :
Altitud Min. : 520 meters
Altitud Max. : 929 meters
Trail marked number : n°
IGN Map: IGN 2048 OT
Rando Pyrénées Map:
Technical feature number: n°7
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Walks around Seix

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Promenade historique de Seix
Start Point: Place de l'allée

This tour offers a one-hour walk through the streets and "passages" of the historic heart of Seix, combining the discovery of its buildings and its natural heritage.

31 reviews

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Les Bords du Salat
Start Point: Seix

The Salat and its valley. The mountain of Cos with his interpretive trail created by the NFC and the Ariège Naturaliste Association.

31 reviews

Image de
Boucle de Mède
Start Point:

31 reviews

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La Paloumère par les crêtes
Start Point: Village de vacances la Souleille des Lannes

Beautiful shaded hike above the city of Seix using the Paloumère Ridge  (hawk).

31 reviews

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La Paloumere
Start Point: Seix

Beautiful shaded hike above the city of SEIX using the Paloumère Ridge (hawk)

31 reviews

It was very comfortable to stay and staff were pleasant and welcoming.
by Ellison from United Kingdom


Walks around Seix

Image de Balade historique
1h Return trip
Image de Hameau de Sahusset
1h30 Return trip
Image de Le Grand Huit
3h15 Return trip
Image de La boucle des Lannes
0h45 Return trip
Image de Boucle de Mède
1h30 Return trip

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