Ustou Guzet

Le chemin de la vigne

248 meters
1h45 Return trip

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A global view over the valley, a variety of scenery and trails.
Ustou, is a glaciated valley, strewed with many villages (Serac, Saint Lizier, leTrein, Bielle, Stillom Bidsous...)on the heights the ski resort of Guzet.
Duration : 1h45 Return trip
Distance in KM : 3.745 km
Difference in height : 248 meters
Level :
Altitud Min. : 677 meters
Altitud Max. : 943 meters
Trail marked number : n°41
jaune, jaune et rouge (GR Pays)
IGN Map:
Rando Pyrénées Map:
Technical feature number: n°26
Le Trein d'Ustou
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Walks around Ustou Guzet

Image de
Les cascades du-chemin d-espagne
Start Point: Stillom

Numerous waterfalls and gorges.

31 reviews

Image de
La vallée de Latrappe
Start Point: Col de Latrappe

An alternbative view over the Ustou and Garbet valleys ; a variety of vegitation and scenery.

31 reviews

Image de
Le Tuc de Gaspard
Start Point: Le Trein d'Ustou

An easy walk, a global view over the hamlets of Ustou.

31 reviews

Image de
Sérac Termis
Start Point: Sérac d'Ustou

A view over the Ustou valley, varied trails and scenery.

31 reviews

Image de
Le vallon de Bielle
Start Point: Bielle d'Ustou

An easy trail with a lot of forest and a complete tour of a small valley.

31 reviews

It was very comfortable to stay and staff were pleasant and welcoming.
by Ellison from United Kingdom


Walks around Ustou Guzet

Image de Cirque de Cagateille
1h30 Return trip
Image de Le Tour de l'Alet
0h45 Return trip
Image de Le Tuc de Gaspard
1h Return trip
Image de Sérac Termis
2h15 Return trip
Image de Le tour de Fougas
2h Return trip

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