Les Coteaux

211 meters
1h40 Return trip

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Cultivated lowlands, wooded hills and vast meadows. The greenhouse sheep barns still in use, dominate the vast and luscious plain of  Oust where inlay tiles are cultivated

Located at an altitude of 500 m, at the confluence of the rivers Garbet and Salat, Oust benefits from a lot of sunshine and offers a magnificent view of the the Mount Valier range. The names of villages such as Oust, Vic, Miramont, Anilac are most probably of Gallo-Roman origin.
Duration : 1h40 Return trip
Distance in KM : 4.462 km
Difference in height : 211 meters
Level :
Altitud Min. : 504 meters
Altitud Max. : 6809 meters
Trail marked number : n°8
IGN Map:
Rando Pyrénées Map:
Technical feature number: n°13

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Walks around Oust

Image de
La serre de rapheu par le Pas de Sausech
Start Point: Vic d'Oust

A forest path to reach a magnificent 2 km view over the surrounding mountains (not advised in case of wet weather).

31 reviews

Image de
Serre de Rapheu
Start Point: Oust

31 reviews

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Promenade historique d'Oust
Start Point: Place d'Oust

This circuit proposes a 1 hour walk around the village of Oust, which you can extend to discover the village of Vic d'Oust and its medieval herritage.

31 reviews

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Le Mirabat
Start Point: Paloubart

Beautiful hiking with great trails through the cool shade of a beech forest. The 12th century castle is a historical monument. Great views.

31 reviews

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La serre de Rapheu
Start Point: Vic d'Oust

A forest path to reach a magnificent 2km view over the surrounding mountains (to avoid in wet weather).

31 reviews

It was very comfortable to stay and staff were pleasant and welcoming.
by Ellison from United Kingdom


Walks around Oust

Image de La serre de Rapheu
2h30 Return trip
Image de Le Mirabat
3h10 Return trip
Image de Les Coteaux
1h40 Return trip

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