Canton d'Oust

Le Tour du Val Garbet

3770 meters
5 JDays

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During this pastoral hike over one week and in 5 stages, you will have the privilege of panoramas and fullness

Duration : 5 jours
Difference in height : 3770 meters
Level :
Altitud Min. : 500 meters
Altitud Max. : 1800 meters
Trail marked number : n°
jaune et rouge
Carte IGN: Top 25 - 2048 OT - Aulus les Bains - Mont Valier
Carte Randonnée Pyrénéenne: Top 50 Couserans
Technical feature number: n°
Ustou - Bidous
  • Animaux sauvages
  • Cours d'eau
  • Ombragé
  • Chevaux
  • Flore remarquable
  • Points de vues

During this pastoral hike over one week and in 5 stages, you will have the privilege of panoramas and fullness

In these authentic valleys you will find the starting point of bear trainers, the forerunnesr of the American adventure of children of the valley.


Balades et randonnées autour

Image de

Départ: D115 Esplas de Sérou

31 reviews

Image de
La Passade
Départ: Cominac

Small and varied circuit in the trees, streams on a track paved with granite.

31 reviews

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Tour du Mail Blanc
Départ: Salsein d'en haut

Randonnée permettant de contourner le Mail Blanc. Le panorama change à chaque instant et devient grandiose quand on arrive sur la soulane du Biros.

31 reviews

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La Promenade du Ker
Départ: Centre équestre du Boutou

A walk leading to the summit of Ker Massat,  remarkable view perched above the valley of Massat. Perforated with caves, the site has been frequented throughout history.

31 reviews

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Les boucles d'Ayens
Départ: Col d'Ayens et Pradals d'en bas

Two complementary walks with beautiful scenery and splendid views of the Pyrenees, the smaller valleys of  Soulan and the valley of Seix (orientation table and arboretum at the Col d'Ayens).

31 reviews

It was very comfortable to stay and staff were pleasant and welcoming.
by Ellison from United Kingdom


Les Balades dans le Haut-Couserans

Image de O.U.R.S Etang Bleu
5 Aller/Retour
Image de Le Mont Ceint
4h30 Aller/Retour
Image de Le plateau de Garbettou
1h35 Aller/Retour
Image de Cascade d'Ars
3H30 Aller/Retour

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